What is Virtual Physiotherapy?

Virtual physiotherapy, also known as virtual care or tele-rehabilitation, is when physiotherapy services are delivered from a distance using telecommunication or videoconferencing technology. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have encouraged our members to offer virtual care whenever possible to help minimize exposure to the virus.

Consider virtual care as an option if:

  • You are at increased risk complications should you contract COVID-19
  • You are not feeling well (for example you have cold symptoms) but would still like to complete a physiotherapy session
  • You live in a remote community where access to services may be limited
  • Other circumstances impact your ability to attend an in-person appointment

Even beyond the pandemic, there are benefits to virtual care and some patients may choose to continue with virtual care or tele-practice. Many patients are enthusiastic about the benefits of virtual care (for example there is no travel time or there is improved access for remote communities) but may not know where to start or may have questions about things like technology or privacy.